About Informatics Europe

Informatics Europe is the association of computer science departments of universities and research laboratories, public and private, in Europe and neighbouring areas. Informatics Europe is a nonprofit membership organization registered and with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The mission of Informatics Europe is to foster the development of quality research and teaching in information and computer sciences, also known as Informatics.

Informatics Europe was created as a result of the first two European Computer Science Summits (ECSS), held at ETH Zurich in October 2005 and October 2006, where heads of computer science departments from all over the European region joined forces for the first time to define and promote common policies and study common issues.

The aims of Informatics Europe are:

  • To act as the representative of the European Computer Science (Informatics) research and education community.
  • To foster high-quality research in the field.
  • To keep improving the quality of computer science teaching.
  • To help the public understand the contribution of computer science to economic development and the scientific challenges of the discipline.
  • To foster the cooperation between education, research and industry.
  • To establish effective relations between the computer science community and governmental authorities.
  • To provide links to other national and international organizations with complementary aims.