ECSS 2017

About ECSS

The European Computer Science Summit has been organised annually by Informatics Europe since 2005. In fact, the origins of Informatics Europe date back to the first ECSS held at ETH Zurich in 2005, when for the first time, heads of Informatics departments throughout Europe met to discuss critical issues and common concerns related to their discipline.

Since then, ECSS continues to gather deans, department chairs and senior faculty of leading European Computer Science and Informatics faculties, departments, research institutes and laboratories.

The Summit is devoted to all aspects of Informatics: education, research, funding, entrepreneurship, management, career development, and policies.

The high calibre of the speakers, since the very first Summit in 2005, has established the ECSS as one of the most prominent meetings of the European Informatics community.

Purpose of ECSS

  • Debate the future of the discipline, its role and influence in both academy and society.
  • Expand the international network of deans, heads of departments, and research directors in Informatics.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of solutions and best practices on common issues.
  • Examine ways in which deans, department heads, and research directors in Informatics can work together to improve teaching and research, implement the Bologna process, can influence the policies of their universities, governments and the EU, and take joint initiatives on common issues.
  • Provide opportunities for liaisons with other groups pursuing common interests.