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Types of Membership

As of 1 January 2016, a new membership fee scheme applies. The new scheme has been approved by Informatics Europe members at the 2015 AGA to better accommodate the range in department/faculty sizes and to reflect current economic parameters within Europe. Membership is annually paid.

Academic Membership 

Two factors determine the annual membership fee for academic members: 

  • Country zone:  based on the latest available national GDP per capita, PPP (current international $). See list below.
  • Size: number of permanent FTE Faculty teaching and doing research at the member institution (department/school/faculty/institute)
Institution Size
(FTE Faculty) 
Zone 1
(GDP ≥ 35K)
Zone 2
(GDP 35 - 20 K)
Zone 3
(GDP ≤ 20K)
Small (≤ 15) 1,100 EUR 800 EUR 550 EUR
Medium (16 ≤ 24) 1,600 EUR 1,100 EUR 800 EUR
Large (≥ 25) 2,200 EUR 1,600 EUR 1,100 EUR

Until end 2017, the following country zone mapping applies, based on the 2014 World Bank GDP per capita data:

  • Zone 1 (GDP per capita equal to or higher than 35K): Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Finland, UK, France.
  • Zone 2 (GDP per capita between 34K and 20K): Italy, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Malta, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Russian Federation, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia.
  • Zone 3 (GDP per capita equal to or lower than 20 K): Romania, Turkey, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova.

National Informatics Associations are considered as a large academic member in their respective country zones.

Federated Membership

Federated members represent a grouping of up to five academic/research institutions with a common geographical or cultural denominator.

  • The Federation has one vote at the Annual General Assembly.
  • All of its members receive the same access to resources, services and benefits as regular members

Membership fee: See table above. For federated members the FTE Faculty count is the sum of the Faculty numbers in each institution forming the federation. For more details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Associate Membership

Associate members are not-for-profit organisations with which Informatics Europe collaborates.

  • Associate status is subject to reciprocal status for Informatics Europe.
  • Associate members do not vote, do not participate in committee chairmanship and do not have full access to all resources.

Membership fee: 500 EUR

Industrial Membership

Private and industrial research laboratories. Benefits are the same as for academic members.

Membership fee: 2,500 EUR


Special privileges, to be negotiated. Sponsors are prominently mentioned on our website.