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Department of Computer Science

University of Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

General Information


The Department of Computer Science is responsible for teaching and research in computer science at the University of Helsinki. As its basic tasks, the department has listed the following: * Research: the department carries out cutting-edge research in its key areas as well as quality research in new fields. * Teaching: the department offers an extensive basic scientific education in its Bachelor's degree programme, expert education in its key areas of research in its Master's degree programmes, and researcher education based on its key areas in its Doctoral degrees. * Societal interaction: the department actively interacts with the rest of society through both research and teaching.


The Head of the Department and one Deputy Head are in charge of operations at the department. The department has a steering committee that is elected in the university elections every third year and comprises, in addition to the head, 3 professors, 3 teachers and 3 students.


Bachelor degree

The Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science has a uniform content. This programme is offered only in Finnish.

Master degree

The Master's Degree in Computer Science can be completed in three different sub-programmes: the programme on Algorithms and Machine Learning, Networking and Services, and Software Systems. The first two of these are offered fully in English. In addition, there are two more Master's Degree Programmes offered in English, i.e., the Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics, and the International CBU Master's Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technology.

Doctoral Studies/Ph.D. degree

The postgraduate degrees in computer science offered by the department are the Licentiate (PhLic) and the Doctoral (PhD) Degrees.

Student Statistics

Departmental statistics of teaching from 2010.