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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep neural nets, automated decision systems…What happens when they control autonomous systems or make life-chasing decisions? How should they be developed and deployed? Can they be made predictable and reliable? Which ethical and legal implications should be observed? The social and ethical impact of new technologies is a key issue of our increasingly connected society that affects users, developers, researchers and governments.

Informatics Europe in cooperation with ACM Europe has launched a working group on Ethics, under the coordination of James Larus, IE Board Member, and Fabrizio Gagliardi, Chair of ACM Europe. The kick-off meeting was held in Geneva on 17 July. The group of experts will work on a white paper setting out a framework and recommendations on computer-based decision systems from a social, economic, educational, ethical and legal perspective. 

If you are interested in contributing to this group please contact: James Larus

Stay tuned: A discussion panel on ethics will be held during the ECSS 2017 in Lisbon on October 25. See the conference program for more details.


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