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Research Evaluation

Informatics Europe published in 2008 the report "Research Evaluation for Computer Science" (a shorter version was also published on the Communications of the ACM). The report was the first attempt to put forward a set of best practices for the evaluation of researchers in Europe. The report built on the CRA’s work in the US and has been highly influential in the European Informatics community and a source of solid reference for numerous departments and colleagues across Europe.

A lot has changed in the past decade, competition has become fiercer, pressure for publication numbers got stronger, open source publications have been established, the debate on the rise of conferences (often of dubious quality) and on the power of indexes and bibliometrics has become wider and stronger. Informatics Europe has established in 2016 a new working group to discuss all these aspects and current challenges and bring forward recommendations for research evaluation in Informatics and closely related areas. For more details on its members, activities and resources follow the links in the tabs below.

Stay tuned:  A discussion panel on research evaluation will be held during the ECSS 2016 in Budapest on October 26. See the conference program for more details.