4th Annual INFORMATICS-Europe Meeting

9-10 October 2008, Zurich

With a pre-Summit workshop for Department Chairs and Research Directors on 8 October, 2008


Informatics matters: Image, Impact, Innovation

ECSS 2008 is the 2008 Summit of ALL CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE members of Informatics Europe, the organization of leading faculties, department and research institutes in Computer Science and Informatics Departments and Research Institutes in Europe. The 2008 Summit will be devoted to the current issues of common interest and urgency for the scientific and strategic positioning of our field.

Conference Chair: Jan van Leeuwen, Utrecht University

Informatics (Computer Science/Computing) is the discipline of the future: the key to many new developments in science, innovations in industry, and novel services in the information society. Yet, the impact and expectation of ICT pose great challenges to all faculties, departments and research institutes in Informatics worldwide.

What should our strategy for the future be? Our Program

As for the previous Summits, the program consists of special Invited Talks, workshops, panels and other interactive sessions devoted to common issues, problems and proposals. Special features of the 2008 Summit are

- Invited talks

- Pre-Summit workshop for Department chairs and Research Directors led by J. Staunstrup (IT University Copenhagen) on October 8, 2008

- Special focus on: "INFORMATICS MATTERS: Image, Impact, Innovation"

- Submitted talks on `Image, Impact, and Innovation' by colleagues from all over Europe. (see the Call for Submissions)

Who is the Summit intended for?

The European Computer Science Summit 2008 is the 4th annual event of Informatics Europe. The Summit is intended for: all leaders (deans, chairpersons, heads, research directors) of Departments (Schools, Faculties, Institutes, Chairs) of Computer Science (or Informatics, Informatique, Information Technology, Computing, Computer Engineering etc) in PHD-GRANTING Universities and leading research institutes (in Academia, Business, or Industry) in the European region.

What's the purpose of the European Computer Science Summit?

- To create an international network of deans, heads of departments, and research directors in Informatics

- To provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of solutions and best practices on common issues

- To examine ways in which deans, department heads, and research directors in Informatics can work together to improve teaching and research, implement the Bologna process, can influence the policies of their universities, governments and the EU, and take joint initiatives on many other issues.

- To provide a liaison with other groups pursuing relevant interests, such as the CRA in the US.

The successful 2007 Summit (ECSS 2007) was held in Berlin.


Participation is intended for (and limited to) all heads of CS departments and leaders of research institutes in ICT or their permanent deputies (but no other substitutions) as defined above, in the European region. In addition, a limited number of observers from industry (research labs and companies), governments (national and EU) and university administrations can be admitted. Attendees are welcome to suggest observers.