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Why join Informatics Europe?

Because we have a common cause and a common interest. Download our flyer.

Informatics is a distinct science, characterised by its own concepts, methods and body of knowledge.  Computer and Information Scientists throughout Europe face many of the same challenges in research and teaching.   Informatics Europe provides an arena to discuss and coordinate strategic issues on research and education at a European level.

Members of Informatics Europe are committed to shaping the future of the discipline in Europe. They contribute to raising the profile and voice of the Informatics research and academic community in Europe. 

Membership is institutional and extends to all faculty of your department/institution. We have an affordable annual Membership-fee scheme for academic members taking in consideration the department/institution size and national GDP.


  • Participate in top-level international dialogue on key topics of interest to the discipline with academic, technology and policy leaders
  • Learn directly from the experience of your peers by exchanging insights and best practices at our events or working groups
  • Gain instant access to Europe-wide benchmarking data on key academic parameters, providing invaluable arguments in discussions with university management, government authorities, funding bodies
  • Participate in the working groups of Informatics Europe to shape strategic priorities such as Europe-wide data collection on Informatics education in Europe, Informatics education and curricula in schools in Europe, policies for evaluation of research and researchers in the field, women in Informatics Research and Education, EU visibility, industry – academia interrelationships
  • Publish open positions free-of-charge in  the Informatics Job Platform, dedicated to research and academic positions in the field
  • Benefit of a discount at Informatics Europe events, in particular the yearly European Computer Science Summit, and in the Informatics Europe services of research evaluation and curricula accreditation (in partnership with EQANIE).

"Informatics Europe is the only place where deans and senior academics meet their peers to discuss critical issues and shape the future of the discipline. Ten years ago, we were all struggling individually, in each department, in each country. Informatics Europe has given us a common voice to ensure that Europe takes the right course in Informatics research and education. It`s a cause that matters to us all."

Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich

"Informatics Europe has given our department an invaluable platform for meeting colleagues, for sharing ideas and experiences, for learning about new developments and for staying on par with the best of standards in our discipline."

Jan van Leeuwen, Utrecht University